Each year in the UAE, children are unfortunately diagnosed with a life-threatening conditions. Make-A-Wish® UAE steps in to assist these children and their families by providing an avenue for hope and strength.

By focusing on the positive, Make-A-Wish® UAE brings magic and joy to these children each year, by granting their most cherished wish. This is an experience that the children, their parents and siblings look forward to, often holding on to it to get through the tougher times.

From the magic and power of having their most cherished wish granted, these children are given hope, strength and much joy.

Director: Kamil Roxas
Producer: Hani Al Zubaidi
Production Manager: Saqer Ali
Camera: Kamil Roxas, Michael Bacaraman, Charlie Banalo
Sound: Sienna Artisan
Editor: Mark Timonera
Production: Hello Project Space

Make-A-Wish UAE Profile video




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