We As A City — Winner 2014 Nikon Film and Video Festival

WE AS A CITY is a short film that narrates the rise of a city, its people, and the many different stories that make up that city.

WINNER | 2014 Nikon Film and Video Festival

Written and Directed by: Kamil Roxas
Cinematography: Kamil Roxas, Charlie Banalo
Narration: Jus Daze
Post production: Hello Project Space

Special thank yous: Franzine Artista, Jerus King Bation, Franzty Magsakay, Michael Bacaraman, Mitali Khanwani, Petra Nemethova, Mylene Gomera, Nelissa Baja, KC Serrano, Ellplatina Sforza, Parkour Dubai, FitBoys Gym

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